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Google Android Digital Inclusion Computers

We know that digital inclusion should include options based on more than just Windows Pcs.

With digital inclusion computers like our Digital Den Android Mini-PC's, we are reaching out with affordable devices which open up the possibility of internet access in a fun, useful and affordable way.

A computer that’s a little bigger than a USB flash drive, it connects to your TV via it’s HDMI connector and has wireless connectivity to allow connection to the internet and other wireless devices.

Better still, it costs a fraction of the cost of a new PC and less than a recycled PC.  They use the same hardware and software as the word’s most popular Android smartphones and tablets, but without a screen and battery, the device becomes very affordable and incredibly simple to use through your living room, kitchen or bedroom TV.

Small and Powerful

With a Dual Core processor, and measuring just 9cm long, it is small but is blazingly fast with super snappy performance.  The computer takes its power from a spare USB port on your TV which means there’s no unsightly wires and on most modern TV's it can be completely hidden.

Fancy gaming? Our Digital Inclusion Computer features a Quad Core Graphics Proccessor which means its finally possible to bring your favourite Android 3D shooter to the big screen!

It's no lie the MK802IIIS is one of the fastest Android devices around, the combined power of the RK3066 SOC and Mali Graphics allow stunning performance in full HD resolutions.

The onboard hardware video decoder and DLNA support allows realtime streaming of HD video from a USB drive or NAS device.

All the best Apps

The device comes with the latest Android OS which includes the Google Play Store so you can have access to thousands of apps right on your TV.

There’s a Micro SD card slot for expanding the storage on the device and you can also plug in any removable media.

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